PURE Skid Plates for the Polaris Ranger RZR XP




I was very impressed with the packaging of thr PURE Polaris parts. It’s very easy for skids to become damaged during shipping. This attention to detail will keep your skids safe during transit and ensure they fit perfectly.


The design of these rocker guards obviously benefits from being built with the exact CAD drawings used to produced the RZR-XP chassis.


Notice the aluminum rod that runs along the edge of the rocker guards. This ensures consistency in the fitment even after these guards are abused.


The materials and construction quality are top of the line.


This is what you’re protecting. Installing skids when your vehicle is new will prolong the life of your chassis and protect your investment.


Be sure you read the directions for each skid before installing them. The order in which they are installed is important.


Here you can see how tightly the skids hug the contours of the frame. The fit and finish is outstanding!


If you’re concerned about beating up your trailing arms, these skids will definitely ease your mind when you’re crawling over trail obstacles.


The entire system installed is less than 50 lbs, which isn’t too bad for this kind of protection. The durability provided by these skids is definitely worth the weight.


Learn more at purepolaris.com


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