Beau Baron Takes Win at WORCS Round 4

barron_wcs414WORCS Round 4 returned to Sand Hollow OHV area in Hurricane, Utah, and Polaris Factory Racers Beau Baron and Mitch Guthrie Jr. would go one/two in the Pro Class.

Sand Hollow presents the racers with a different type of terrain from most of the other WORCS races. The six-mile, hour-long course travels through sand and sandstone and is one of the more scenic races in the series.

Polaris Racing/Holz Racing’s Beau Baron would grab the holeshot in his RZR XP 1000 and would race virtually unchallenged until lapped racers would slow him down giving Polaris/Guthrie Racing’s Mitch Guthrie Jr., also in a RZR XP 1000,  the lead in the final lap. Guthrie, also dealing with the lapped racers, would see Baron regain the lead and steer his RZR XP 1000 to the win for his second win of the season. Guthrie would finish a solid second, Nick Thompson, also in a RZR would take third; with Polaris Factory Racers RJ Anderson and Ryan Piplic taking fourth and fifth. Baron currently holds the point lead for the series with Guthrie in second and Anderson in third.



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