Introducing the All-New 32x10x14 GBC Kanati Mongrel Tire

gbcmongrelcutoutWith just a couple weeks prior to this year’s big Rally on the Rocks event, we planned to use our stock Polaris tires and wheels. After talking to a few experienced UTV rock climbing enthusiasts it was obvious before we left for Moab, Utah we needed taller tires for our RZR 1000.

We called GBC Motorsports inquiring about their new 32×10-14 tires that we have been seeing around. After confirmation that they do indeed make this huge tire size we ordered a set. When we got the tires in they seemed monstrous compared to what we were used to. We mounted them up on a set if STI HD 5 wheels that were powder coated by Seven S Powder in Riverside, California. Seven S turned the wheels around in less than one day.

After mounting them and installing them on the Polaris RZR 1000 4, they seemed to be a perfect fit. As you’ll see in the photos the tires really compliment the big Polaris. The 32″ GBC Kanati Mongrels made the Polaris look mean, and tough!

Re-clutching the stock Polaris CVT would have been ideal, but with the short time we had that wasn’t in the cards. We were a bit worried these monsters were going to put us through havoc with our drive belt, but that wasn’t the case at all.


gbc32mongrelstory212Now for the important part, how did we like these new monster Kanati Mongrels?  There was a lot of extreme terrain at Rally on the Rocks. The goal was to keep the bottom of the frame off from getting hung up on the many rocks. We took another RZR 1000 4 and a RZR 900 4 with us, both of which were equipped with 30×10-14 GBC Kanati Mongrels. A lot of times we were the last in line on a ride, watching the other RZR’s in front of us gave us the advantage of good and bad lines to traverse. The RZRs in front of us would crawl up and down good size rock with their 30″ tires. When we attacked the same terrain the new 32″ meats, it was night and day better! The machine effortlessly crawled up over the rocks so much better. Going down was the same, we had such better ground clearance, and this allowed us to hit the same obstacles faster and cleaner than the drivers running 30-inch tires.

The rocks in Moab can sometimes be relentless, this is some of the nastiest terrain you’ll find. And this leads us to our favorite reason we love GBC tires, and that’s because they are 8-ply radials! We dished out a severe beating and didn’t see one puncture when we loaded up at the end of the weekend. This is largely in part to GBC’s recommendation of 18-22 lbs of air in each tire. What’s more, we recorded the same pressure after the ride, none lost even a pound!


gbc32mongrelstory233Rocks weren’t the only obstacles on the trails at this year’s Rally on the Rocks. We encountered plenty of water-crossing, mud and sand. Even though our test vehicle wasn’t clutched properly for the big 32″ GBC tires getting in and out of the sandy banks of the river bed was a breeze even in high gear. The Kanati Mongrels all hooked up great even in the softness of terrain. They worked quite well to say the least!

Summing up our Rally on the Rocks tire torture review, if we had three thumbs on our hands we would give these 32″ GBC Motorsports Kanati Mongrels three big thumbs up!

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